Metal Studz

Back in 2004- straight out of the gutters of West County St Louis, the Metal StudZ were born from fire and emerged from the ash with one thing in mind…..Wear spandex and rock 80’s hairmetal like no one has witnessed, since the days gone past. With the help of “Krom”, the God of Rock’n’Roll, the dream became a reality.

Since then, the StudZ have rocked all over St Louis and beyond. Playing large outdoor events and packing every major club in the city, the StudZ know no boundaries. 

This isn't your typical “bar band” either. Every show is treated as a rock concert and the stage antics are just as important as the music itself. Hairspray and eyeliner are also essential to each member of this band and most of them have become proficient in applying their own makeup with the speed and accuracy that would make any woman jealous yet turned on at the same time. 

The bottom line is…..if you see this band they will change the way you have been living your life. I, for one have decided to sell my Toyota Corolla and buy a Harley. After that, I grew my hair out and wore only animal print spandex no matter where I went. Not only should you go see them, but you should model yourself after the principles they instill onto themselves.”
Penny Moon Entertainment